Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Are you, or your organisation, any one of the following:

  • An Entrepreneur / Start-up
  • A Small-Medium Enterprise (SME)
  • An Incubator and/or Accelerator
  • A Venture Capital firm or Angel Investor Group
  • A Co-Working space

One thing each of these has in common is that they are all part of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.

If you are a lone entrepreneur, start-up, or SME owner/operator seeking to grow your business, register on SmartMentor to find a mentor and/or start/join a community forum. If you are a member of an incubator, accelerator or co-working space, encourage these stakeholders to establish a SmartMentor platform to help you leverage the knowledge, skills and experiences of your community and its broader network of mentors and advisors.

If your organisation is an incubator/accelerator, VC / Angel Investor Group, or co-working space, to discuss how SmartMentor can add value to your organisation via our SAAS solutions.

We have ‘white label’ capabilities to configure the platform to meet your specific needs.

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