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SmartMentor is a purpose-driven company focused on connecting minds and sharing knowledge for a greater good. SmartMentorprovides the tools that connect people for personal and/or professional guidance, advice and support that enables the achievement of worthwhile objectives. We facilitate the sharing of knowledge, skills and experiences via a mentoring model that creates social impact. Our Community Forums and Groups also provide the means to engage in peer-to-peer exchange of knowledge

If you are willing to share your knowledge, skill and experiences with others, you can join SmartMentor as a mentor

If you are looking for mentorship on personal, professional and/or organisational matters in order to reach your objectives Or if you need help in defining and developing your objectives then you can join SmartMentor as a mentee.

Are you initially seeking to share and gain knowledge through participation in focused community forums of interest? You can always elect to be a Mentor and/or Mentee at a later time. Register

1. Register on SmartMentor
2. Complete your profile
3. Searchmentor onSmartMentor
4. Send them message or mentorship request based on their available time slots.

1. Register on SmartMentor
2. Complete your profile
3. Add time availability for mentorship sessions.

SMART Objectives are one way to structure and capture your overall goal(s) and the objectives that will get you there.

Of course, it’s not mandatory to set SMART objectives, but if you decide to do so, your SMART Objectives may be established prior to connecting with a Mentor or after their consultation.

The objectives may also be revised over time and new objectives may be set as the mentoring process evolves. You may even want to set SMART Objectives purely for your own use and tracking purposes.

Mentor and Mentee can initially communicate via messaging feature on SmartMentor and they can further proceed to communication channel for Audio/Video calls or in-person meetings.

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