Government Ministries & Departments

Just like any large organisation, Government Ministries and Departments must develop the next generation of leadership and maximise the inherent talent within the organisation to enable the effective and efficient use of resources.

Training and development is one way in which Government Departments invest in the capabilities and skills required for modern government operations, management and strategy. Two complementary tools are: to establish a formalised mentoring program; and to facilitate peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and innovation.

SmartMentor provides these tools in one platform and enables efficient communication between mentors and mentees and between peers to share knowledge, skills and experiences and to collaborate on initiatives, brainstorm ideas and more.

SmartMentor is a cost-effective platform that suits the confines of budgetary requirements and the financially responsible outlook of Governments, while providing a secure and private environment via our Enterprise solution that generates huge value in the development of your organisation’s most valuable “assets”; i.e. your people.

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