SmartMentor for Charities and Non-Profits

The perfect solution for transferring knowledge within your organization

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Structure and track skill sharing and knowledge transfer crucial to the success of your organization

Provide a structured mentoring and skill sharing environment to your organizational leads and junior and volunteer members. Strengthen your mission by facilitating intra-organizational knowledge transfer while pairing the right people and goals that benefit everyone involved.


Empower volunteers in a one-on-one or group setting


Allow senior members to give back and foster future leaders


Strengthen your organization with a more dedicated workforce

A great solution for charities and non-profits

HR and recruiting

Create better onboarding processes of new employees and volunteers while giving structured paths to achievement to those looking to climb the ladder.

Peer-to-peer collaboration

Foster collaboration within your organization to strengthen individual skillsets. Empower your employees to build stronger teams and collaborative experiences through knowledge sharing.

Executive mentorship

Harness your most senior member's experience to develop valuable relationships with junior team members and volunteers, building a stronger organization from top to bottom. Give structure to pairing the right mentor and mentee to align goals at every point in an person's career.

Why is Smart Mentor the perfect choice?


Single-platform tool

Use SmartMentor as an all-in-one tool to structure and manage a mentor path while also using our platform to schedule and have meetings one-on-one or create groups that work together on a project.


White-label customization

Fully integrate SmartMentor into your existing digital presence. Our white label solutions keep your organization front and center.


Adaptable to suit your needs

Create custom milestones and mentoring paths for each mentor relationship within your organization. Goals can be set and altered as needs change and relationships progress.

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