SmartMentor for Corporations

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Structure and track skill sharing and knowledge transfer across departments and from senior to junior associates

Eliminate the struggle and inconsistency of developing junior employees into future leaders of your company. Pair more experienced employees with those less experienced to develop skills and avoid the pitfalls of a fractured knowledge sharing structure on SmartMentor's comprehensive platform.

Empower employees to expand their skills and expertise

Increase employee retention and job satisfaction

Strengthen your company with a more dedicated workforce

Value-add for Organizations

Driving growth to empower your employees to unlock their full potential

Attract the Best Employees

Those who value learning and career development.

Greater Employee Satisfaction

Leads to greater engagement and increased productivity.

Grow Organizational Capability

Via staff personal and professional development.

Increased Staff Retention

Saves significant costs in staff turnover.

Develop the Next Generation

Of leaders and managers from within.

Maximize the Talent

And experience within the organization.

Increase Operational Effectiveness

And efficiency via maximizing the knowledge, skills and experiences within the organization.

Encourage Collaboration & Innovation

Including via peer-to-peer mentoring & knowledge-sharing.

Create & Maintain a Healthy Corporate Culture

Of learning and collaboration.

Value-add for EMPLOYEES

Driving growth to empower your employees to unlock their full potential

Build Additional Knowledge

Attitudes and skills for career advancement.

Network & Collaborate

Learn from peers across the organization (regardless of role, function, or location).

Grow Professional & Personal Abilities

Via mentoring from experienced personnel.

Create Opportunities

For promotion and career progression.

Develop Professional Relationships

Across the organization.

HR & RecruitinG

HR & Recruiting

Create better onboarding processes of new employees while giving structured paths to achievement for those looking to climb the ladder within your company.

Peer-to-peer Collaboration

Foster collaboration among and across teams to strengthen individual skillsets. Empower your employees to build stronger teams and collaborative experiences through knowledge sharing.

Executive Mentorship

Harness your executive team's experience to develop valuable relationships with junior team members to build a stronger organization from top to bottom. Give structure to pairing the right mentor and mentee to align goals at every point in an employee's career.

Key Differentiator

Why is SmartMentor the perfect choice?

Single-platform Tool

Use SmartMentor as an all-in-one tool to structure and manage a mentor path while also using our platform to schedule and have meetings one-on-one or create groups that work together on a mentoring project.

White-label Customization

Strengthen your brand by integrating SmartMentor into your existing digital presence. Our white label solutions keep your organization front and center.

Adaptable to suit your Needs

Create custom milestones and mentoring paths for each mentor relationship within your company. Goals can be set and altered as needs change and relationships progress.

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© 2021 Smart Mentor FZ-LLC.