SmartMentor for Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

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Expand knowledge transfer to startup teams and facilitate peer-to-peer skill sharing

Entrepreneurs, advisors, mentors, venture capitalists, investors and sector experts have a lot to share with each other in a fast-paced, ever changing startup ecosystem. Giving structure to that knowledge-sharing while fostering stronger connections within your ecosystem will add value for all stakeholders.

Pair experts with striving entrepreneurs

Fill skill gaps within teams

Differentiate and add value to your ecosystem

Incubators and Accelerators

Create the environment your startup teams need to thrive and grow while increasing the valuable reputation of your organization. Pair your expert advisors with individuals who can immediately implement new knowledge and skills within their team to accelerate growth and strengthen their company.

Co-working spaces

Set yourself apart by fostering true networking and connections beyond basic introductions and social events. Help your members find like-minded mentors and mentees to broaden their skills and collaborate in an intuitive and structured way.

VC firms

Develop the entrepreneurial prowess of your portfolio company leaders. Transfer knowledge that will help startup founders thrive in a competitive environment and build closer connections to those you're investing in. Facilitate inter-company skill and knowledge transfer among your portfolio companies to leverage the expertise of your entire roster of startups.

Key Differentiator

Why is SmartMentor the perfect choice?

Single-platform Tool

Use SmartMentor as an all-in-one tool to structure and facilitate the exchange of skills, knowledge and attitudes required for success. Use the platform to schedule sessions and engage one-on-one or create groups that work together on team mentoring projects.

White-label Customization

Strengthen your brand by integrating SmartMentor into your existing digital presence. Our white label solutions keep your organization front and center.

Adaptable to suit your Needs

SmartMentor can be configured in a number of ways to meet individual organization and/or relevant ecosystem needs. We can also assist in the development of a structured mentoring programme that adds value to your ecosystem.

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© 2021 Smart Mentor FZ-LLC.