Unlock your workforce's true potential with SmartMentor


SmartMentor provides your organization with:

A platform for peer-to-peer learning, knowledge-sharing & collaboration

Increased engagement between stakeholders for mutual benefit via personal & professional development

A platform for structured intergenerational exchange of skills, knowledge and attitudes

The tools to manage effective and efficient personnel development while monitoring key metrics

Deployment / Configurable

SmartMentor can be customized to feel like a part of your digital channel. You can easily apply your company's branding and guidelines.


We run an incubator and the one thing that we always struggled with was structuring info transfer from advisor to entrepreneur. SmartMentor gave us an effective way to do that which was incredibly easy for everyone involved.

Ahmed Corso

Alpha Incubator

We kept growing as a company and my HR duties got overwhelming. We needed a way for upper management and associates to collaborate and share their skillsets. SmartMentor was a tool that was so easy to implement, everyone immediately loved it.

Sali Elagab

Cielo Financial

Our best students were struggling to get real-world support outside of their classroom curriculum and our alumni were always looking to give back, so we started using SmartMentor to connect the two, and now we can’t imagine living without it!”

Grace Handler

Tinto College


SmartMentor will revolutionize the way your organization engages with and develops the talent within.

Create Goals / Milestones

Create customized pathways for the development of personal and professional skills, knowledge and attitudes (SKA). Mentors and mentees can align SKA development by setting specific goals and milestones that can be updated over time and measured for progress.

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Enhance Productivity

Mentorship not only creates stronger connections within your organization, network or ecosystem, but also enhances cross-team productivity and increases the feeling of 'ownership' for individuals in relation to their personal and professional development.

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Revolutionizing Mentorship Sessions

Give members of your ecosystem, business, or school the tools they need to develop on an individual level; that in turn strengthens your organization and increases loyalty and retention.

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Your Questions Answered

What is SmartMentor about?

We believe that people are the drivers of value-creation and innovation in every organization.  We aim to help all types of organizations maximise the talent within by enabling individuals to help each other build the skills, knowledge and attitudes for success.  This in turn strengthens the organization in multiple ways: higher staff morale, loyalty and retention; greater innovation and productivity; and better alignment of personal and organizational goals.

Does mentorship really help?

Mentorship truly helps! Mentorship can provide valuable support and give opportunities to develop skills. Mentorship stimulates personal growth, boosts confidence helps you keep going.

How long is the mentor-mentee meeting?

A session is typically 30 minutes long. It can be made longer or shorter depending on the mentor’s and mentee’s availability or their needs.

How does SmartMentor ensure the quality of the program?

SmartMentor works closely with your organisation to structure and implement a mentoring program that will meet your objectives and ensure high quality outcomes for the mentees, mentors and the organisation.

How can we get a quote?

Get in touch with us to get a quote for your needs.

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© 2021 Smart Mentor FZ-LLC.