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Structure and track skill sharing and knowledge transfer among peers and from alumni to students

Universities and schools of all types use SmartMentor to manage knowledge sharing at the administrative level, among faculty and students, and across their alumni network. Leverage SmartMentor for your school to manage knowledge and skill transfer with transparency and ease.

Empower alumni to give back and foster student growth

Add value to the education experience by leveraging peer-to-peer knowledge sharing

Strengthen communication and grow careers across departments at the administrative level

Key Differentiator

Why is SmartMentor the perfect choice?

Peer-to-peer Collaboration

Foster collaboration among and across teams to strengthen individual skillsets. Empower your employees to build stronger teams and collaborative experiences through knowledge sharing.

Executive Mentorship

Harness your executive team's experience to develop valuable relationships with junior team members to build a stronger organization from top to bottom. Give structure to pairing the right mentor and mentee to align goals at every point in an employee's career.

New Key Differentiator

Product functionality focus

Create forums around subjects

Build customized forums or groups around topics for students to collaborate and communicate more effectively. Increase community engagement on a single, centralized platform.

Create customized goals

Easily create goals and objectives to break down large projects or mentorship milestones. Mentors and mentees can collaborate on how to structure the mentorship process.

Connect alumni and students

Build a stronger connection between alumni and students by facilitating mentorship pairing. Allow alumni to give back to future generations.


Students can obtain more personalized guidance and advice to make better decisions about their education and early career paths. Working with alumni can open up networking and career opportunities while also providing a more satisfactory overall education experience.


Alumni can enhance their professional profile by demonstrating their willingness to give back to the next generation. Maintaining a relationship with the school and students creates opportunities for networking and building further relationships in their industry.

Faculty & Staff

Create more consistent means of transferring knowledge within and across departments. Develop the careers of junior staff members to increase job satisfaction and build a stronger administrative organization.

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© 2021 Smart Mentor FZ-LLC.